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(more) kind clients, (more) kind words

this review was left by danielle on – she is seriously the sweetest! glimpse into her day:

“In the beginning stages of our wedding planning, I wasn’t even considering having video. Eventually my mother-in-law talked sense into me and I started doing my research.

With all the companies out there, there was nothing that initially caught my eye. I wasn’t looking for a videography company that did long, drawn-out wedding video’s where your family is forced to either watch the whole thing, or you have to fast-forward through.

Then I received a recommendation to check out Between Sleep & Awake. My photographer had worked with her a number of times, and mentioned her style was cinematography. like a mini movie/short film! I was so excited, I e-mailed right away, and within a short time I had our contract mailed to me!

She was willing to work with us which was one of my worries, because they are located on the Jersey Shore, and we are much North of that in the Hudson Valley area of New York.

Having never met in person until the day of our wedding, I felt like I already knew her…nothing but great remarks from our wedding party about her and her team. Sooo incredibly comfortable to work with, and those brides that worry about having a camera in your face, it’s nothing like that!

We were given our ‘teaser’ highlight film within two weeks after our wedding, which consisted of an amazing 3 minutes, it gave just the right amount of tease, and captured the most memorable moments partnered with an awesome song choice of hers.

We paid very little extra to enjoy a slightly longer cinema style video (because they typically run around 8-10 minutes) and for her travel, but it was nothing short of worth it!

They will give you, upon request, (or maybe it’s standard) some raw, un-edited footage on a separate chapter of your DVD..for those brides worried about not catching enough of your vows and such. We are so excited to see our day captured on film, and in the style of Dana Stanley and BS&A.”

a green smoothie for summer

for a solid month i would drink this every morning, and then when my blender stopped working i stopped well, blending. i saw a HUGE difference from that month to the previous, and now i’m a total believer. so of course i wanted to share it with you.

this is a great green smoothie that doesn’t really taste like a “green smoothie”. the celery is very prominent in this but personally, i love that flavor. if you’re not a fan, you could always switch it out for cucumbers, or kale if you’re a little more daring.
i’m a huge fan of juicing/consuming lots of greens first thing in the morning, but alas we don’t own a juicer and going out to buy one every morning is both inconvenient and expensive. when i do my grocery shopping, i just make sure i grab enough to last us for the week. towards the weekend i’ll usually run out of one ingredient, which leaves a lot of room for experimenting.

here’s what i blend up for 2 servings:

1/2 a mango
1 banana
a handful of (blue)berries, any would work!

2 stalks of celery
2 cups of spinach

10oz-ish of coconut water
a few cubes of ice

ta da! there are so many other variations of this, of course. my favorite part of this is the coconut water. its crazy hydrating, and the potassium is great for a post workout drink, especially combined with the banana. you could beef it up a little bit with a scoop of protein powder. i really love this plant-based one. whats your favorite smoothie to make at home? tell me about it!

PS: the bowls are from anthropologie, the glasses are from weck and the straws are randomly from michaels!

a day in the life: harbour island

its officially summer! it feels like its taken forever. and honestly, the weather has been giving off the impression that its bi-polar. on the the plus side, the random showers mean i have to water the garden less 🙂

last month my husband and i, kolton (do i need to say “my husband” anymore?) took a getaway trip to harbour island.

harbour island is an old colonial-style town, almost like new england. i’m intentionally referring to the island as a town, for its only 3 miles long by a half mile wide. because its so small, there are only golf carts used to get around. totally awesome. no matter where you are on the island, there is always a breeze, since its so small you’re never more than a 1/4 mile away from the shore at all times. we loved it!
the hotel we stayed at is called the landing, and i highly recommend it. the owners and staff are ridiculously awesome, the location was PERFECT being that it was right on the bay (kolton really loved watching the different boats come in to the dock while we ate our breakfast.) our room was inexpensive and the landing’s restaurant is one of the best on the island. oh man, the food…they had this coconut thai chicken dish that i still dream out. their signature cocktail was the ginger fro – ohhhh man. kolton and i have been playing around with infusing our own vodkas and adding ginger beers to try to recreate it. its just not the same…
between the two of us, we’ve been to a few of the islands in the Caribbean and NEVER had we seen a beach like this. like other islands in the bahamas, its famous for its “pink sand beaches” and gets its pink hue from the crushed coral mixed thats mixed in. and although the color is beautiful, what’s really amazing about the sand is that it never gets hot! even though its so light in color, it still stays cool to the touch. coming from jersey shore beaches, i think this was the best part.

SO. there is a plus and a minus with being a cinematographer on vacation.
you have an awesome camera to shoot with
you have an awesome camera to shoot with.

there are so many moments i want to capture, but then at the same time i want to ENJOY them. with only my eyes, and not the duplicated recording on the screen. so i didn’t film too much, but just enough that i was able to put this tiny video together. by the way, this is one of my favorite songs and it makes me happy every time i hear it.

June 26, 2013 - 11:22 pm

Anonymous - Pretty amazing Dana. Glad to see you are doing so well.

lindsay & thomas: an asbury park wedding

i saw many things on the day of lindsay and thomas’ wedding: sunshine, champagne, the ocean…but most of which was just plain love. lindsay and thomas truly are the perfect pairing. she is so sweet and demure, and you could see the same quality in her modest family. while tommy’s silliness was apparent throughout the entire day  – all the way into the evening with his entire family doing an italian-style gig. here are the highlights of their day:

a DIY parking lot wedding

…with food trucks!

i seriously loved this wedding. the weather kept saying it was going to rain ALL WEEK and then the day of, voila! it all cleared up and ended up being the perfect day.
my first interaction with marissa was an e-mail entitled “will you capture our love?” seriously…the cutest. and just like her e-mail, she planned everything out of the box. (literally. their ceremony was held in the middle of a circle.) they didn’t have a bridal party, but “VIPs” instead. and its worth mentioning twice that instead of typical venue food, they had food trucks. awesome idea that i think i may steal – it would be great for a backyard party!

hamburgers and curly fries > vendor meals.