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2013: a year in review

as 2013 comes to a close, i wanted to look back on what a huge year it was. i quickly went through all of the footage, and began clicking-and-dragging pretty much whatever i felt.
anything i liked, anything i remembered being a special moment, anything that made me smile. i tried not to think about “my brand” or how long each clip was. and what i ended up with was surprising to me: a black and white minute of laughter, first kisses and ping-pong. sometimes when i think of my films overall, i think of them as serious. and this short video sort of changed all that.

i’m looking forward to exploring more of this in 2014, along with my AWESOME couples.

a little mermaid & monet inspired photoshoot: behind the scenes

kay english and i magically met by capturing the same wedding; her on photos, me on video. from there she asked me to tag along on a photoshoot she was working on. “a mesh of little mermaid and monet,” she said. umm, yes please?
and from there i magically met kristin from reverie events. who, if you’re planning a wedding, need to work with her. seriously spot on stylistically and her florals (which you can find in the video above) are impressive.
hair and makeup was by the anchor salon in shrewsbury, new jersey and the cake from hudson cakery. hooray!

to see the images from this photoshoot, you can view them here.
(and if you were stalking the wedding dress, like i was, its from ivy and aster.)

kate & ken: fall wedding in asbury park

she’s a teacher – he’s an engineer. i say “engineer” because in reality its this really fancy title that in all honesty, goes right over my head.
but seriously, they’re the cutest. she could talk as long as i can and he’s definitely the strong silent type. when i first talked to kate on the phone, i couldn’t believe how perfectly matched we were. one of the first things she told me was that my name stuck out amongst a never-ending list of NJ cinematographers because her mother-in-law’s favorite movie is “hook”, which is where between sleep and awake was born from.

instead of table numbers, they used movie posters. the place cards were bookmarks with movie quotes on the back, which you then had to match. i mean, seriously? and guess what one of the posters was

the stanley greenhouse: slowly but surely

i definitely don’t have a green thumb. growing up, the one thing my mom wanted me to do when i got home from school was to give her plants “a drink”. poor little guys. didn’t stand a chance.

i’m not sure if its from getting older or being married to a tropical-plant freak, but i’ve become more and more interested in plants. they’re awesome. when my mother-in-law and i walk around a garden center, she knows the names of EVERYTHING, i swear. plus which ones love sun, love shade, how much water they need, and which plants to pot together. i can only hope to know half as much as her one day.

long story short, kolton and i started a project that we had been talking about for a long time: building a greenhouse in the backyard. our garage was falling over and in bad shape, so we (okay, kolton mostly) lifted it and poured new footings, including an 8 x 8′ square off the back. this forced us into ACTUALLY building this thing. about six months ago, we started laying down the brick floor and really started building. we’re so happy to have some room to put our porch things so they’re safe, protected, and not drying out in the house.

last week i gave the greenhouse its first photoshoot. it’s not done yet, we have a lot of work to do. i’m excited to add electricity for some twinkle lights! yayyy.

i made this sign for kolton for our five-year anniversary. mostly out of necessity…but two birds, right? and maybe the stars look a little familiar

for the window handles we used rope and old friendship bracelets that have broken over the years, and all the knobs are from anthropologie:

our house used to be yellow. like, butter yellow. we decided not to paint the backside of this door – its from the old porch, and i just didn’t have the heart.

below is the view from inside the garage. we bought these old french doors from a woman in ardmore, PA. yay, craigslist!

and this is fern. he’s a feral cat whose living in our backyard at the moment. who doesn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon…

November 5, 2013 - 3:40 am

Lauren - Dana! This looks amazing! Love the yellow door and fixtures. I’m glad Fern came into your life at just the right time.

November 5, 2013 - 1:34 pm

admin - thanks, lauren! i hope you and chris are doing awesome <3