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why we love morning weddings

why we love morning weddings

although there are pro’s and con’s to any list, we think morning weddings are underrated! here are some reasons why between sleep and awake just plain loves them:

1. light, light. LIGHT

i’ve realized early on that in the world of photo and video, lighting is EVERYTHING. it imparts mood, compliments the strength of a great lens, and when done the right way can (literally) make you glow. while sun flares can be a little overdone in photos, in video it can help create pure magic.
when the sun begins to recede, flashes and constant lights are introduced. although a necessity at times, these can be obnoxious and intrusive to you and your guests. with a morning wedding, viola! you’re taking full advantage of natural light.

2. reduced cost

weddings are mostly held in the late afternoon and into the evening, so obviously dinner is served. this can often be the meat (no pun intended…) of the budget with courses containing red meat, seafood, etc.
with a morning wedding you are able to go outside-the-box when it comes to your meal options. this does not mean that it can’t be classy or glamorous. eggs benedict, anyone?

3. mimosas

thats it. mimosas.

4. sensitivity to guests

if your guest list contains a lot of “pop pop”s and “nanny”s, then an earlier wedding could show a lot of consideration on your part. since guests wouldn’t be departing so late into the night, cabs and taxis would be more readily available.
and lastly, think of the babies!

5. celebrate longer

having a reception earlier in the day could allow for you to spend more time with your guests. you could even have an after (wedding) party at a local hot spot.

6. enjoying your WEDDING NIGHT

let’s face it. by the time the cake is cut, each guest is hugged and thanked, the gifts are packed, and you reach the hotel room which you’ve most likely spent a fortune on (it is your wedding night, after all) you’re both exhausted.
this could be a great opportunity for you and your new husband (yay!) to really enjoy your wedding day. together.
lounge around, open cards together, reminisce about the day, and actuallyrelax. the next morning you will be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for your honeymoon!