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My Photoshoot with Love & Light Photographs + New Website

Last year, I had some great experiences working with local creatives; filming events and workshops, schooling brides, and creating brand films for photographers and other small business owners. While there is a special place in my heart for wedding films, it was a huge difference in opportunity to have full creative control. I was able to brainstorm, make […]

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when (and how) to say “no”

when i started my business, i was keen on saying YES. every inquiry was an accomplishment. it didn’t matter who the client was, or where it was located. i was so excited to be solely responsible for my creative outlet that i took every inquiry i could. then the hard work set in. the expenses, […]

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may goals and a rainy highlight film

i meant to post this on may 1st, but didn’t. which brings me to goal number 1: BLOG MORE FREQUENTLY. good lord, why is it so difficult?! 2. wake up earlier this is something that i jot down on my weekly/monthly/yearly goal list and its still something that i have to work on. this girl […]

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the stanley greenhouse: slowly but surely

i definitely don’t have a green thumb. growing up, the one thing my mom wanted me to do when i got home from school was to give her plants “a drink”. poor little guys. didn’t stand a chance. i’m not sure if its from getting older or being married to a tropical-plant freak, but i’ve […]

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this month our cat, nala, passed away. anyone that has experienced this knows that its not a small thing, losing a “pet”. its family. nala was an oriental shorthair, which i had never come across until i met my husband. i had one housecat growing up – a stray kitten that my dad totally did […]

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