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Teaching at Unveiled: the School for Brides-to-be

Last November, the (second) annual Unveiled was held in Asbury Park, which means I had the opportunity to share some behind-the-scenes knowledge about wedding cinematography to a group of newly engaged gals. Of course my second shooter (my sister) and I brought our equipment along with us and filmed all the fun, alongside Jessa of Love & […]

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My Photoshoot with Love & Light Photographs + New Website

Last year, I had some great experiences working with local creatives; filming events and workshops, schooling brides, and creating brand films for photographers and other small business owners. While there is a special place in my heart for wedding films, it was a huge difference in opportunity to have full creative control. I was able to brainstorm, make […]

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new custom packaging

in 2014, i completely got rid of my DVD products and upgraded to wooden USB flash drives. NO REGRETS. DVDs are unable to show the full HD that my videos are filmed in, and are easily scratched. with a flash drive, you can take those films and put them on an unlimited amount of computers, […]

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2013: a year in review

as 2013 comes to a close, i wanted to look back on what a huge year it was. i quickly went through all of the footage, and began clicking-and-dragging pretty much whatever i felt. anything i liked, anything i remembered being a special moment, anything that made me smile. i tried not to think about […]

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between sleep and awake’s new look

hiiii! i’m back, i’m back! i’ve missed being able to post on the blog so much, but i wanted to relaunch THE WEBSITE in tandem with it. so light a candle, pour a cup of coffee, and click around. this is the beginning of great new things, i can feel it in my bones. i’ve […]

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