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new custom packaging

in 2014, i completely got rid of my DVD products and upgraded to wooden USB flash drives. NO REGRETS. DVDs are unable to show the full HD that my videos are filmed in, and are easily scratched. with a flash drive, you can take those films and put them on an unlimited amount of computers, […]

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when (and how) to say “no”

when i started my business, i was keen on saying YES. every inquiry was an accomplishment. it didn’t matter who the client was, or where it was located. i was so excited to be solely responsible for my creative outlet that i took every inquiry i could. then the hard work set in. the expenses, […]

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may goals and a rainy highlight film

i meant to post this on may 1st, but didn’t. which brings me to goal number 1: BLOG MORE FREQUENTLY. good lord, why is it so difficult?! 2. wake up earlier this is something that i jot down on my weekly/monthly/yearly goal list and its still something that i have to work on. this girl […]

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between sleep and awake’s new look

hiiii! i’m back, i’m back! i’ve missed being able to post on the blog so much, but i wanted to relaunch THE WEBSITE in tandem with it. so light a candle, pour a cup of coffee, and click around. this is the beginning of great new things, i can feel it in my bones. i’ve […]

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five reasons why your business needs video

lululemon – the grove from dana stanley  when a potential client visits your website, what’s keeping them there? we will spend nearly six minutes on a website with video vs. 48 seconds on a website with text alone. why? 1. a video gives yourself a chance to tell a story what made you decide to […]

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