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new custom packaging

in 2014, i completely got rid of my DVD products and upgraded to wooden USB flash drives. NO REGRETS. DVDs are unable to show the full HD that my videos are filmed in, and are easily scratched. with a flash drive, you can take those films and put them on an unlimited amount of computers, hard drives, or even put them on your iTunes.

since i’ve been filming less and exporting more lately, it was a good time to refresh their packaging. (and also, i’m just obsessed with packaging.) i was timid to order the wooden boxes in a green wash, but ended up LOVING them once i held them in my hands. they’re sturdy, protective, and…really pretty. i can’t wait to send all these out!

April 13, 2015 - 2:40 am

Kate - Have just stumbled across your work and it’s absolutely stunning! I love this packaging, it’s the perfect way to present and showcase your work! Best of luck for the future!

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