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sarai & henry: the loft at jack’s barn

i’m back, i’m back! i was dying for spring to get here, and now that its here, it feels like its going too fast.

there are lots of films to share, but i wanted to start with the first highlight film of my wedding season. sarai and henry are both such soft-hearted people, and their love is quiet and romantic. henry kept saying “thank you” to everything. if i filmed anything he would give a little “thank you…” and we all thought that was totally adorable.

sarai is a free people girl through-and-through, so we got along right away. she even gave me a little gift for the stanley greenhouse; a paving stone with hand-written “second star to the right”. i seriously couldn’t think of a more thoughtful gift. these little things made me that much more happy to create their highlight film.

this day was also the day i met keely, a sweet traveling-photographer from arkansas whose work is simply STUNNING. i was so happy sarai got us together, i thought we made an awesome team!

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