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around the house

now that spring is officially here and summer is peeking around the corner, kolton and i have switched from working on the inside of the house to the outside.

(clockwise) one: our house got a tattoo! we’ve had these rusty ‘ol stars sitting in our backyard for the last couple summers, with that “SOMEday we’ll do something with these…” mentality. we finally bit the bullet and hung them up, i’m obsessed with them!
two: i can’t say i have a green thumb, but i don’t think i could kill a succulent if i tried – they’re so resilient. AND these were all gifts from an awesome bride whose wedding i filmed back in april. the pots are from anthropology and the mercury glass is from an old candle that i used up.
three: every winter we have to bring our tropical plants inside, and they hang on by a thread. so we decided to build a (little) greenhouse in our (little) backyard. last year we poured the footings and all the preparations for building and i’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel! last week we put in the brick floor and it was just what i needed for some motivation.
four: one of my favorite parts of the house has always been the green walls (all kolton) but i’m thinking i want to paint them white? i’m terrified that i will be making a huge mistake. speaking of “huge mistake“, i was totally late on the arrested development boat and i’m so so happy that i got on board.

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