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five reasons why your business needs video

lululemon – the grove from dana stanley

when a potential client visits your website, what’s keeping them there?

we will spend nearly six minutes on a website with video vs. 48 seconds on a website with text alone. why?

1. a video gives yourself a chance to tell a story
what made you decide to create your business? what makes you passionate about it? not only will these answers add value to your brand’s experience, but it will showcase your personality. it gives your client a general background quickly and easily.

2. connect with your target market
though the words on an “about me” page are extremely important, a video can make someone feel like they already know you. you give yourself the opportunity to create TRUST before anything else. i cannot stress how important this is! trust is the key to getting the client you want, relaxed transactions, and a person that is EXCITED to work with you.

3. easy distribution
once your media is available to you, it doesn’t have to be confined to just your website. you can e-mail it, blog about it, facebook, pinterest…you can even show the video from your iPad or iPhone at client meetings.

4. rank better in search engines
the more your name is on the internet, the better chance someone is going to find it. when your business name is searched and there’s something with a play button, trust me – they’re going to click on it.

5. max·i·mize [mak-suh-mahyz] (verb): to increase to the greatest possible amount or degree.
the last and final reason is because it will maximize your business. if you are doing all that you can to give your client the best overall experience; whether it be through correspondence, packaging, or incentives, a short video telling people what you’re all about is the final and most important step.

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