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sarai & henry: the loft at jack’s barn

i’m back, i’m back! i was dying for spring to get here, and now that its here, it feels like its going too fast.

there are lots of films to share, but i wanted to start with the first highlight film of my wedding season. sarai and henry are both such soft-hearted people, and their love is quiet and romantic. henry kept saying “thank you” to everything. if i filmed anything he would give a little “thank you…” and we all thought that was totally adorable.

sarai is a free people girl through-and-through, so we got along right away. she even gave me a little gift for the stanley greenhouse; a paving stone with hand-written “second star to the right”. i seriously couldn’t think of a more thoughtful gift. these little things made me that much more happy to create their highlight film.

this day was also the day i met keely, a sweet traveling-photographer from arkansas whose work is simply STUNNING. i was so happy sarai got us together, i thought we made an awesome team!

2013: a year in review

as 2013 comes to a close, i wanted to look back on what a huge year it was. i quickly went through all of the footage, and began clicking-and-dragging pretty much whatever i felt.
anything i liked, anything i remembered being a special moment, anything that made me smile. i tried not to think about “my brand” or how long each clip was. and what i ended up with was surprising to me: a black and white minute of laughter, first kisses and ping-pong. sometimes when i think of my films overall, i think of them as serious. and this short video sort of changed all that.

i’m looking forward to exploring more of this in 2014, along with my AWESOME couples.

a little mermaid & monet inspired photoshoot: behind the scenes

kay english and i magically met by capturing the same wedding; her on photos, me on video. from there she asked me to tag along on a photoshoot she was working on. “a mesh of little mermaid and monet,” she said. umm, yes please?
and from there i magically met kristin from reverie events. who, if you’re planning a wedding, need to work with her. seriously spot on stylistically and her florals (which you can find in the video above) are impressive.
hair and makeup was by the anchor salon in shrewsbury, new jersey and the cake from hudson cakery. hooray!

to see the images from this photoshoot, you can view them here.
(and if you were stalking the wedding dress, like i was, its from ivy and aster.)

kate & ken: fall wedding in asbury park

she’s a teacher – he’s an engineer. i say “engineer” because in reality its this really fancy title that in all honesty, goes right over my head.
but seriously, they’re the cutest. she could talk as long as i can and he’s definitely the strong silent type. when i first talked to kate on the phone, i couldn’t believe how perfectly matched we were. one of the first things she told me was that my name stuck out amongst a never-ending list of NJ cinematographers because her mother-in-law’s favorite movie is “hook”, which is where between sleep and awake was born from.

instead of table numbers, they used movie posters. the place cards were bookmarks with movie quotes on the back, which you then had to match. i mean, seriously? and guess what one of the posters was